Description of the plan The integrated project carried out at Goleto has involved and reinterpreted numerous parts of the monastic whole and of the rural spaces near it, establishing a dialogue with the place, creating new spaces, new suggestions, new ways, new visions, new places. The new carried out hand-manufactured articles (wallings, floors, coverings, stairs, pavings, fittings) all artisan, designed and made on the stocks, with material of the place, with the mortars derived from the smashing of the stones and crocks found there, integrate themselves with the altirpin territory, reinterpreting nature and history in a new contemporaneous scenery.  

Al compimento del 2° anno di età è stata finalmente approvata, da parte della Regione Campania, la perizia di variante dell’Abbazia del Goleto.

Giaceva presso gli uffici preposti dal maggio 2006 !